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At Jiangmen Max Springs Metal Products Co., Ltd you can find a wide variety of springs: from compression springs to tension springs and from wave springs to protection springs. Look at the overview of our technical springs below to read more information about every product.


Surface treatments

Chrome plating 

Good corrosion resistant and is a very tough coating. Used where good durable resistance is desired together with good corrosion.

Good corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.

Good corrosion resistance and does not fall quickly; good soldering and conducts very well.

Nickel plating 

Widely used as a decorative coating.


Good corrosion resistance, but it becomes pale quickly. Good soldering and conducts well.


Good corrosion resistance and good soldering.

In blue or black. Good corrosion resistance.

Chemical blacks
A uniform, decorative black coating that has a low corrosion resistance.

Powder coating 
This can be done in multiple RAL colors.

Shot blasting  
Increases the service life of some springs considerably.

Usually used for deburring.



All our springs are packed in standard boxes. These boxes weigh a maximum of 30 kilos so that they can be transported easily.

Hose packaging

Due to the annoying characteristic of springs to 'intertwine' it is necessary to pack the springs in such a way that our customer can easily process them. 

In some cases, packaging the (compression) spring in a hose offers a good solution. However, this is only interesting with larger quantities.

PE bag packaging

Normally our springs are supplied in a PE bag of 100 or 1000 pieces. This is to prevent the springs from 'hooking' into each other. As a result, our customer receives the stock in a well-organized manner that is easy to count.


  • Electronics
  • Medical instruments
  • Agriculture
  • Furniture
  • Mechanical engineering.
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